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Wallet module for connecting Unstoppable Domains to web3-onboard



Follow the Login Client Congifuration Docs on the Unstoppable Domains website to get setup with your clientID and redirectUri. Note: The Redirection URI value(s) in the client configuration MUST exactly match the redirect_uri parameter value used in UauthInitOptions. More specifics can be found in the Rules for Redirect URIs Docs.

        type UauthInitOptions = {
   * Required and will throw an error if not included: links dapp to Unstoppable Domains for customization
  clientID: string
   * Required and will throw an error if not included: used for pop-up and callback redirection
  redirectUri: string
   * Optional string: Default = 'openid wallet'
  scope?: string
   * Optional boolean: If true, redirects to your callback page
  shouldLoginWithRedirect?: boolean
   * Project ID associated with [WalletConnect account](https://cloud.walletconnect.com)
  walletConnectProjectId: string
   * Defaults to version: 2
  version?: 2
   * List of Required Chain(s) ID for wallets to support in number format (integer or hex)
   * Defaults to [1] - Ethereum
  requiredChains?: number[] | undefined
   * List of Optional Chain(s) ID for wallets to support in number format (integer or hex)
   * Defaults to the chains provided within the web3-onboard init chain property
  optionalChains?: number[] | undefined
   * Additional methods to be added to the default list of ['eth_sendTransaction',  'eth_signTransaction',  'personal_sign',  'eth_sign',  'eth_signTypedData',  'eth_signTypedData_v4']
   * Passed methods to be included along with the defaults methods - see https://docs.walletconnect.com/2.0/web/walletConnectModal/options
  additionalOptionalMethods?: string[] | undefined
   * Optional function to handle WalletConnect URI when it becomes available
  handleUri?: (uri: string) => Promise<unknown>



        import Onboard from '@web3-onboard/core'
import uauthModule from '@web3-onboard/uauth'

// initialize the module with options
const uauth = uauthModule({
  clientID: 'a25c3a65-a1f2-46cc-a515-a46fe7acb78c',
  walletConnectProjectId: 'f6bd6e2911b56f5ac3bc8b2d0e2d7ad5',
  redirectUri: 'http://localhost:8080/',
    'openid wallet email:optional humanity_check:optional profile:optional social:optional'

// can also initialize with basic options...
// const uauth = uauthModule({
//  clientID: "YOUR_CLIENT_ID",
//  redirectUri: "YOUR_REDIRECT_URI",
//  walletConnectProjectId: 'f6bd6e2911b56f5ac3bc8b2d0e2d7ad5',
// })

const onboard = Onboard({
  // ... other Onboard options
  wallets: [
    //... other wallets

const connectedWallets = await onboard.connectWallet()


Accessing the UAuth configuration

When Unstoppable Domains is connected the UAuth user instance is exposed. This can be used to get information related to the user scopes requested through the UauthInitOptions.

        const wallets$ = onboard.state.select('wallets').pipe(share())
wallets$.subscribe((wallet) => {
  const unstoppableUser = wallet.find((provider) => provider.label === 'Unstoppable')
  if (unstoppableUser) {
    // This will allow insight into the approved user details


Build Environments

For build env configurations and setups please see the Build Env section here

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