1. Wallets
  2. Passport Protocol


Passport Protocol

Wallet module for connecting Passport Protocol to Web3 Onboard.

See Passport Protocol Docs for details.



        import Onboard from '@web3-onboard/core'
import passportModule, { Network } from '@web3-onboard/passport'
import { WebauthnSigner } from '@0xpass/webauthn-signer'

// Firstly you set up your passkey / webauthn signer
// The rpId and rpName are the same as the ones you set up in your passport application scope. They follow the webauthn standard, of the following values
// rpId: the domain of where the passkey is generated
// rpName: human readable name for the domain
// You can read more on this here https://docs.0xpass.io/authentication/configuring-your-scope#scope-configuration
const webauthnSigner = new WebauthnSigner({
  rpId: 'localhost',
  rpName: '0xPass'

const passport = passportModule({
  network: Network.TESTNET,
  scopeId: 'd8ae4424-c1f6-42b0-ab5e-2688bdaa0ff2', // replace this with your scope id
  signer: webauthnSigner,
  fallbackProvider: 'https://eth-mainnet.g.alchemy.com/v2/xxx' // insert your alchemy / infura url here
  // encryptionSecret: '' // encryption secret is optional, but advised to securely store values in browser storage

const onboard = Onboard({
  // ... other Onboard options
  wallets: [
    //... other wallets

const connectedWallets = await onboard.connectWallet()


Build Environments

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