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Wallet module for connecting Safe to Web3 Onboard



        type GnosisOptions = {
  whitelistedDomains: RegExp[]



        import Onboard from '@web3-onboard/core'
import safeModule from '@web3-onboard/gnosis'

const safe = safeModule()

const onboard = Onboard({
  // ... other Onboard options
  wallets: [
    //... other wallets

const connectedWallets = await onboard.connectWallet()


Customizing Safe Transaction Gas

If you are looking to set the gasLimit of a transaction within Safe, the gas properties within the transaction WILL BE IGNORED. Instead you will need to use the safeTxGas prop AND the web3-onboard Safe instance that is exposed through the provider to send along the transaction. The Safe sdk instance exposed by the web3-onboard must be used to set the safeTxGas prop and send the transaction. Check Safe docs for full detail as it can be a bit confusing. An example of accessing the Safe SDK instance and sending a transaction can be found below.

        const tx = {
  to: toAddress,
  value: 1000000000000000,
  data: '0x'
const params = {
  safeTxGas: 5000000

// wallet is the provider exposed by web3-onboard after the Safe wallet is connected
let trans = await wallet.instance.txs.send({ txs: [tx], params })


Note: With the safeTxGas you will see additional value on the gasLimit displayed in the Safe. Check Safe docs for full details on that computation.

Build Environments

For build env configurations and setups please see the Build Env section here