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Wallet module for connecting Ledger hardware wallets to Web3 Onboard.



        type LedgerOptionsWCv1 = {
   * @deprecated
   * Version 1 of WalletConnect has been deprecated by the WC team and the WC bridge is not available.
   * To use version 1 a custom bridge url will need to be provided.
   * Support will be completely remove from Web3-Onboard in the future
  walletConnectVersion?: 1
  enableDebugLogs?: boolean
  chainId?: number
  bridge?: string
  infuraId?: string
  rpc?: { [chainId: number]: string }

type LedgerOptionsWCv2 = {
  walletConnectVersion: 2
  enableDebugLogs?: boolean
   * Project ID associated with [WalletConnect account](https://cloud.walletconnect.com)
  projectId: string
   * List of Optional Chain(s) ID for wallets to support in number format (integer or hex)
   * Defaults to the chains provided within the web3-onboard init chain property
  requiredChains?: string[] | number[]
  requiredMethods?: string[]
   * Additional methods to be added to the default list of ['eth_sendTransaction',  'eth_signTransaction',  'personal_sign',  'eth_sign',  'eth_signTypedData',  'eth_signTypedData_v4']
   * Passed methods to be included along with the defaults methods - see https://docs.walletconnect.com/2.0/web/walletConnectModal/options
  optionalMethods?: string[]
  requiredEvents?: string[]
  optionalEvents?: string[]

type LedgerOptions = LedgerOptionsWCv1 | LedgerOptionsWCv2



        import Onboard from '@web3-onboard/core'
import ledgerModule from '@web3-onboard/ledger'

const ledger = ledgerModule({
   * Project ID associated with [WalletConnect account](https://cloud.walletconnect.com)
  projectId: 'abc123...',
   * Chains required to be supported by all wallets connecting to your DApp
  requiredChains: [1, 137]

const onboard = Onboard({
  // ... other Onboard options
  wallets: [
    //... other wallets

const connectedWallets = await onboard.connectWallet()


Build Environments

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