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Wallet module for connecting Coinbase Wallet SDK to Web3 Onboard. Check out the Coinbase Wallet Developer Docs for more information.



        type CoinbaseWalletOptions = {
  /** @deprecated Deprecated after version 2.2.7 of @web3-onboard/coinbase Use dark theme */
  darkMode?: boolean
  /** @deprecated Deprecated after version 2.2.7 of @web3-onboard/coinbase whether to connect mobile web app via WalletLink, defaults to false */
  enableMobileWalletLink?: boolean
  /** @deprecated Deprecated after version 2.2.7 of @web3-onboard/coinbase whether or not to reload dapp automatically after disconnect, defaults to true */
  reloadOnDisconnect?: boolean
  /** Type of Coinbase wallets to support - options : 'all' | 'smartWalletOnly' | 'eoaOnly' - Default to `all` */
  supportedWalletType?: 'all' | 'smartWalletOnly' | 'eoaOnly'


Smart Wallet

Starting at @web3-onboard/coinbase version 2.3.0 smart wallet support has been added. A smart wallet lives in your browser, no extensions or app installs needed. Use passkeys for signing, with enterprise-grade security without complex seed phrases. One wallet, one address, works universally across major L2s and onchain apps. More info on Coinbase smart wallets.


        import Onboard from '@web3-onboard/core'
import coinbaseWalletModule from '@web3-onboard/coinbase'

// initialize the module with options
const coinbaseWalletSdk = coinbaseWalletModule()

// can also initialize with no options...
// const coinbaseWalletSdk = coinbaseWalletSdk()

const onboard = Onboard({
  // ... other Onboard options
  wallets: [
    //... other wallets

const connectedWallets = await onboard.connectWallet()


Build Environments

For build env configurations and setups please see the Build Env section here