Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is web3-onboard open source?

    Yes, here’s the link to our github

  2. Is web3-onboard free?

    Yes it’s free to use forever.

  3. Do I need an API key?

    No you don’t need an API key to use web3-onboard. The optional addition of an API key allows access to transaction notifications and more frequent gas estimates from Blocknative. You can get one here

  4. Which frameworks does web3-onboard support?

    web3-onboard is framework agnostic and is usable with your favorite framework.

  5. Is web3-onboard customizable?

    Yes, we’ve made a theming interface here to show how you can theme web3-onboard for your dapp.

  6. Are there any code examples?

    Yes, we’ve made a connect wallet example available here.

  7. Does web3-onboard support my favorite network?

    web3-onboard is compatible with all EVM networks, which can be specified on initialization. You can add your chain to this list in the docs to call out its support.